The Neurotic Fears of the Psycho Politico in the Age of Post-Truth

Good liars win. But the very best liars even come across having honesty on their side. All that matters, it seems, is that our fears are validated by those listening and as a consequence, modern election campaigns no longer depend on reality. Debates now take place in fabricated realities, using fabricated arguments. Twisting, turning and maneuvering: these are the steps to winning a modern majority. Starting with the thesis that we are primarily governed by our fears, Roman Maria Koidl paints an alarming portrait of contemporary society in the aftermath of this year’s German general election.

Even though Germany and its citizens have never had it so good, diffuse fears are provoking a surge in irrational behavior. Roman Maria Koidl picks apart these fears – and calls out those who stir up yet more anxiety for their personal gain. Individuals are denying their responsibility to society whilst projecting their frustration onto the representatives of the state. Right now we can be sure of one thing, that the voices exploiting the disenchanted citizen for their own benefit, are growing ever louder.